Bachelor of Science thesis (2019-2020)

Academic update after 14 years decay:

I wrote and published a Bachelor of Science thesis on June 30, 2019 at Oslo Metropolitan University and University of Oslo in Norway after publishing gnome-internet-radio-locator 2.0.4 in Electrical Engineering at Oslo Metropolitan University with formal delivery date June 30, 2020 on my 18 year long work on Free Software for Free Radio in GNOME Internet Radio Locator that began in 2002.

As part of my Master of Science thesis in Music Technology at NTNU with formal delivery date June 30, 2022 I will work on the MLAR format for GNOME Gingerblue, proposed in my Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering thesis, that will store recorded audio in locations, at historical moments and scale rooms from different view points. MLAR stands for Multi-Location Audio Recording.

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