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GNOME Radio Position Paper (2019)

  • Outline
  • You probably want to know the location of a radio broadcast of curiosity or of political, geographically and socially interest.
  • Resolution to locating Free Audio Maps
  • The information on the Internet is organized by domain names such as, and as well as by IP addresses, but not by the physical location of the content authors.
  • Background
  • I have worked as a Free Software developer on the GNOME desktop project since 1998 and I have developed GNOME Internet Radio Locator published as version 2.0.4 since 2002 at Norwegian Computing Center, one of the research foundations in Oslo, Norway doing statistical, mathematical and technical research for private companies, the general public and government bodies.
  • Research
  • I spent 5 years between 2014-2019 doing research on which Free Radio stations to include and locate.
  • Development
  • The main features in GNOME Radio 0.1.0 are to locate and select audio from a map and play and listen to radio from the map.
  • Conclusion
  • By undertaking the work of GNOME Radio in 2019, we will be able to locate Free Radio stations and select audio from a map and play and listen to radio from the map by installing gnome-radio on a computer and identify the location, for politically, geographically or socially purposes.


Gunnar Sønsteby – Rapport fra No. 24 (1945)

Gunnar ‘Kjakan’ Sønsteby from Rjukan wrote and published the book «Rapport fra No. 24» in 1945 after the Nazi occupation ended on May 8, 1945.

Arbeiderbladet (2015)

In 2019 I met a person who met Gunnar ‘Kjakan’ Sønsteby before he passed away in 2012 and managed to capture a photo of one of the last photos of Kjakan.

Gunnar ‘Kjakan’ Sønsteby (1918-2012)

Workout #5: Bicycle

I learnt to bike in 1985.

Ole Aamot (1985)

My DBS OFFROAD 1500 bicycle was stolen in 1988.

Ole Aamot (1988)
Ole Aamot (1988)

I bought a new DBS OFFROAD 1800S bike in 1988 and this bike was almost stolen in 1996 by my cousin who did not realize that my daily week routine was to transport news papers between 06:00-07:30 and to bicycle to Spjelkavik videregående skole 07:45 for school at 08:00, bicycle home at 14:45 and later deliver any pending news papers before 17:00.

Sunnmørsposten (1997)

In 1996 while still a Mathematics and Physics major high school student at Spjelkavika videregående skole I continued to deliver the local morning news paper Sunnmørsposten to the subscribers in Blindheim between September 1, 1996 and April 30, 1997 in my final upper-secondary school year before I passed Examen Artium at Spjelkavik videregående skole in June 1997.

Spjelkavik videregående skole (1997)

I never skipped a news paper delivery before school and paid for Internet access with the earned money.

In 1997 I began studying Mathematics at Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Department of Informatics at University of Oslo.

Continued to bicycle while attending University of Oslo for 6 years, while doing nightly shifts for Aftenposten in Oslo and working for OpenIT and later Linpro.

Universitetet i Oslo (2005)

In 1998 I announced GNU Photo, later to the GNOME Community.

In 1999 I was finally employed by Trygve Monsen at Aftenposten Multimedia in Akersgata, Oslo.

In 2000 I was employed by Dag Asheim at Linpro in Waldemar Thranes gate.

In 2001 I was employed by Bent Foyn and Knut Holmqvist at Norwegian Computing Center and still rode the bike.

Norwegian Computing Center (2004)

In 2005 I followed lectures in Archiving and Business Administration at Oslo University College.

Ole Aamot (2005)
Oslo University College (2005)

In May 2006 I was employed again by Dalip Dewan for Bent Foyn at Visma Software ASA as a summer student.

In September 2006 I began work for Dag Øien and Ståle Schumacher at Domeneshop AS and kept riding the bike.

My weekly routine at Domeneshop AS was to get up at 08:00, check the mail in the office, answer phones and emails, eat lunch at 12:00 and leave the office at 17:00. I kept this weekly routine Monday – Friday in 9 years between September 25, 2006 and April 15, 2015.

Domeneshop (2015)

In 2015 I visited NRK Marienlyst to speak with Jon Gelius and Ingvild Bryn in NRK Dagsrevyen.

NRK (2015)
Ole Aamot (2016)
University of Oslo (2016)

In 2016 I quit biking and followed the course MAT1120 with Professor Erik Christopher Bedos and Professor Geir Dahl and MAT1140 with Professor Tom Louis Lindstrøm at University of Oslo.

Richard Hammack’s “Book of Proof” (2016)

Between August and November 2017 I followed and passed ELI1200 lectures and mandatory work at Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus.

Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus (2017)
Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus (2017)

In 2017 our student group E1 at Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus visited Asea Brown Bovery (ABB) on Ole Deviks vei 10 and wrote a student report on Asea Brown Bovery (ABB).

Student Group E1 at company visit to Asea Brown Bovery (2017)

In 2018 I followed ELI1500 and delivered my paper and presentation on GNOME Internet Radio Locator in Norwegian available at and

I also followed MEK1100 and handed in all the exercises and studied NAND logical gates as part of ELPE1400.

NAND logical gates (2018)
Logical gates in electronics (2018)

In October 2018 I began work on my handwritten draft of my Bachelor of Science thesis and on color markers in C in GNOME Internet Radio Locator.

Map markers with colors in GNOME Internet Radio Locator (2018)

I began preparing the handwritten draft on paper of my Bachelor of Science thesis in Medical Technology on October 15, 2018.

Draft: Public Internet Radio Clent for Accessing Free Audio Maps (2018)
Thesis: Public Internet Radio Client for Accessing Free Audio Maps (2019)

In 2019 I published my Bachelor of Science thesis in Medical Technology on Public Internet Radio Client for Accessing Free Audio Maps on and my position paper on GNOME Radio on

On August 8, 2019 I announced my position paper on GNOME Radio, gnome-radio-0.1.0 and to the GNOME Community on gnome-announce-list.

Gunnar ‘Kjakan’ Sønsteby med sykkel, Karl Johans gate, Oslo (2014)

In 2020 it will be 35 years since I learnt to bike and I will finish my Bachelor of Science thesis before June 20, 2020 and the Opinion article “Free Radio and Artificial Intelligence” of which the first draft is available from

Phillipe Fix – Serafin og hans makeløse mesterverk (1982)

The French illustrator and author of children’s books Phillipe Fix published «SERAFIN og hans makeløse mesterverk» in Norway in 1982.

SERAFIN og hans makeløse mesterverk (1982)

The graphical book is about the musician SERAFIN and his audience Plym, and musical instruments in the world.

I thought about how I could be hearing the musical instruments pictured in this book. The book taught me about music, the concept of infinity and beyond.

Happy 71 years, Helge Aamot!

Anne Cath. Vestly – Mormor og de åtte ungene på sykkeltur i Danmark (1986)

Met author Anne Cath. Vestly on her children’s book lecture at Maihaugen in Lillehammer in 1986 with teacher Inger Johanne Seielstad Haugli where I got my first signature from this acclaimed Norwegian author of the children’s book «Mormor og de åtte ungene på sykkeltur i Danmark». She told us to be careful with Knut Hamsun. Later I saw her in Oslo near Grand Hotel in 2005. She passed away in 2008.

Mormor og de åtte ungene på sykkeltur i Danmark (1986)

Ragnar Thorseth – Saga siglar (1988)

Ragnar Thorseth from Herøy in Sunnmøre wrote and published the book «Saga siglar» in 1988 on Nordvest forlag on his world wide expeditions with the ship Saga siglar.

I met explorer Ragnar Thorseth on a book signing at Moa kjøpesenter in Spjelkavik, Ålesund and he gave me his signature on the promise that I would mention his book in review articles in the future.

This book is about a fellowship.

Happy 71 years, Helge Aamot!