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Kjetil Kjelle – OL Fatter’n (1988) og Pictures In Your Mind (2017)

Critically aclaimed guitarist, singer and songwriter Kjetil Kjelle released OL Fatter’n (1988).

We’ve been a fan and listening to Kjetil Kjelle since the LP released before Lillehammer’94: OL Fatter’n (1989) that my father Helge Aamot gave to me for my 10th birthday.

Pictures In Your Mind was released by Kjetil Kjelle in (2017) to much praise and joy.

Happy 71 years, Helge Aamot!

Travel #10: Château Versailles, FRANCE (2019)

Between July 27th and August 4th 2019 I had the good opportunity to travel from Oslo to Paris with Norwegian, stay at Hôtel des Comédies and revisit Louvre and Château Versailles in France.

I preordered the entrance ticket to Château Versailles on the Internet.

I travelled between the train station Gare de Javel and the Château Versailles train station.

The queue of people entering the palace is very long. I estimate that I waited almost 1,5 hours.

Inside Versailles Palace (2019)

In Versailles Palace I saw the painting of André Le Nôtre, the gardener who was the architect of the Versailles Garden.

Art: Versailles Gardener André Le Nôtre (1613-1700) in Versailles Palace
Text: Gardener André Le Nôtre (1613-1700) in Versailles Palace
Photo: My grand parents and gardeners Helga Stenberg (1921-2010) and Einar Aamot (1908-1986)
New EP in recording: Tøyen Botanical Crush – Leaving Versailles (2020)
Making recording plan for Tøyen Botanical Crush in Norway (August 4th, 2019)

Thoughts on Liberation Day in Norway / France

This was written after Liberation Day May 8, 2019 in Oslo, Norway and Liberation Day in Paris, France on May 1, 2019 and the 8th July 22 Remembrance Ceremony on July 22, 2019 on August 1, 2019 by Ole Aamot (Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, 2020).

Norway was occupied by Nazi Germany between April 9th 1940 and May 8th 1945. In 2015 it was 70 years since Liberation from the most cruel dictator. In 2020 it is 75 years ago. It is one life-span of a human being, shorter for the people struck July 22, 2011. Gunnar ‘Kjakan’ Sønsteby died on May 10, 2012 and Joachim Rønneberg died on October 21, 2018. Siv Jensen, August Rathke and Crown Prince Haakon Magnus, our next King, was present at the funeral of Joachim Rønneberg in Ålesund in 2018.

I am pretty sure they would not have applauded the current political situation in Norway where the state media NRK and Schibsted runs the non-free press that worship the military, the police and the right-conservative-left wing government.

We need to have more free press, a functional democracy and a legal system that works for ordinary Norwegians. At the moment it is class law in action, most recently seen in the case when the class society and the court, went after Eirik Jensen.

Sir, so you think I smoke pot because I support the police man who went after the biggest crook Cappelen? I never smoked pot ever once. It was class law in action. Straight and simple class law and they are going to go after Høyre and Arbeiderparti leaders Erna Solberg and Jonas Gahr Støre one day, but as soon as you do that, you meet really big trouble.

Erna Solberg demanded that we work 43 hours week on August 14, 2018. We demand 32 hours week in Norway. She will be ousted in September 2019. Don’t vote Høyre or Arbeiderpartiet. Vote Venstre, SV or Rødt. The Liberal-Conservative-Left.

The Norwegian Democracy needs revision and we need to question the two leaders Erna Solberg and Jonas Gahr Støre on how they still continue to build their own power platforms after the tragic events that struck Norway on July 22, 2011.

The NATO leader Jens Stoltenberg spoke honorable in the U.S. Congress in April 2019 and the Norwegian prime minister Erna Solberg and Jonas Gahr Støre spoke honorable in Regjeringskvartalet and on Utøya on July 22, 2019.

Immediately question the motivations of the Norwegian leaders Erna Solberg and Jonas Gahr Støre who try to make Høyre and Arbeiderpartiet the only candidates in the upcoming election in Norway on September 9, 2019.

Read independent news.

We need to elect our new Norwegian leaders from Venstre, Miljøpartiet De Grønne, SV and Rødt on September 9, 2019 such as Sondre Hansmark, Lan Marie Nguyen Berg, Audun Lysbakken and Bjørnar Moxnes. They support family values and are not supported by NRK and the non-free press currently operating in Norway.

A-Pressen, NHST, TV2 and Periscopus runs the truely free press in Norway and these media houses support the true Democratic values of Norway of Free Speech, Independence and Locality.

Read news papers on paper. Distribute this letter.

Thanks and God bless The Norwegian Free Society.

Bachelor of Science thesis (2019-2020)

Academic update after 14 years decay:

I wrote and published a Bachelor of Science thesis on June 30, 2019 at Oslo Metropolitan University and University of Oslo in Norway after publishing gnome-internet-radio-locator 2.0.4 in Electrical Engineering at Oslo Metropolitan University with formal delivery date June 30, 2020 on my 18 year long work on Free Software for Free Radio in GNOME Internet Radio Locator that began in 2002.

As part of my Master of Science thesis in Music Technology at NTNU with formal delivery date June 30, 2022 I will work on the MLAR format for GNOME Gingerblue, proposed in my Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering thesis, that will store recorded audio in locations, at historical moments and scale rooms from different view points. MLAR stands for Multi-Location Audio Recording.

Linux Magazine 222 (2019)

The Free Software program for Free Radio that I spent some of my hours, days, weeks, months and years writing, maintaining, publishing and distributing along with 18 language translators and several other people was mentioned in Linux Magazine 222 in May 2019.

Gnome Internet Radio Locator in Linux Magazine 222 (May 2019)
Gnome Internet Radio Locator 2.0.0 in Linux Magazine 222 (May 2019)
Free Software for Internet Radio in Linux Magazine 222 (May 2019)

Mathematics #5: Practical Machine learning with R

I was in the US for 3 weeks on the Visa Waiver program in 2015 and stayed at a friendly AirBnB host in Berkeley nearby the UC Berkeley campus.

While I was in Berkeley I decided to check out the course offerings at the UC Berkeley Extension student program and found the class COMPSCI X460 – Practical Machine Learning (With R) interesting.

I sent an email to UC Berkeley Extension team who showed me the web site where it was written that I as a tourist is permitted to study for recreation without credits at UC Berkeley Extension. If you want to study with credits in the US, you need a student VISA known as F-1.

  • Your enrollment into UC Berkeley Extension course(s) must solely be for recreational purposes;
  • Your course(s) must only be incidental to your visit as a tourist to the U.S., and must not be the main purpose of your visit;
  • Your course(s) must not equal or exceed 18 instructional hours per week;
  • Your course(s) must not equal or exceed:
    1. For courses numbered X300-499: 8 semester units a term; or
    2. For courses numbered X or XB 1-299: 12 semester units per term (including concurrent enrollment courses); and,
    3. Your course(s) must not be used for credit toward a degree, diploma, certificate or other program completion award.

I attended the first introduction class at UC Berkeley Extension in the Golden Bear Center, but didn’t continue with the class since I was in the US on the Visa Waiver program for 90 days and was going to return to Norway the day after the introduction class.

The curriculum for Practical Machine learning (With R) was Max Kuhn and Kjell Johnson’s Applied Predictive Modeling, but I could not find the text book in the campus book store. The book is available on Amazon.

Extra curriculum was Hastie, Tibshirani and Friedman’s Elements of Statistical Learning.

In the first introduction class I learnt about the R programming language, how to install RStudio and the various R packages from CRAN.

Us against Trump

Women-led marches took place on Saturday January 21st in Oslo and over 600 locations spread across seven continents-including Antarctica. In addition to Washington, massive protests took place in Boston; Chicago; Denver; Los Angeles; Madison, Wisconsin; New York; Oakland; Portland, Oregon; St. Paul; San Francisco and Seattle. According to one count, as many as 4.6 million people took part in the global day of action.

According to Scott Aaronson, it’s taken just five days, since the hostile takeover of the US by its worst elements, for edicts from above to have actually hurt his life and (much more directly) the lives of his students, friends, and colleagues.